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Wherever you are, we hope you can take 30 mins to join us via Zoom in real time to create a sense of space and peace.

Wednesday at 12.15

These accessible easy practice need no previous experience create a moment to pause in your day. 

Rachel P

Meeting ID: 842 4395 7571


for Health Care Professionals and Key Care Givers

The Swansea Wellbeing Centre is offering free telephone consultations and on-line support for the amazing frontline health care professionals and support workers in this crisis.​

Many of these sessions are delivered via Zoom, which is a free platform providing the chance to see the facilitator in person, in real time. Simply follow the link and you will be able to access the session from wherever you are. We have scheduled short sessions during lunch breaks and also have evening and morning sessions.

We want to hear from you

What are your needs? How can we help? Any ideas or suggestions for wellbeing measures to support you and your colleagues, please let us know.

We are ready and willing to do what we can.

Please contact us on or 01792 732071

Morning Meditation

Lisa Harley

7am Daily (20mins)

No experience needed. Create a sanctuary of peace, ground your body and mind. Set yourself up for the day.

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Meeting ID: 549 879 897
Password: 053352

1:1 Sessions with Lisa
I offer Trauma Release Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Listening, Breath and Somatic support through relaxation and Yoga. You don't need to pre choose the modality. We will work in a way that is most appropriate during the session. Sessions by donation, or free as needed.
Zoom call time on Tuesday 1-3 pm and Thursday 9-11 am (40 minute sessions).

Contact me, Lisa Harley on 07778382068 to arrange your Zoom appointment.

Meditation with Anna

Anna Flanagan

Anna is offering free/by donation 1:1 Meditation for Medical front line staff and key workers.

An opportunity to find peace, comfort and breathing space amidst the events of the day and the intensity of the mind. Learn to meditate or deepen your existing meditation practice in these gentle and profound one to one sessions.

To hear Anna's beautiful and soothing meditation and to find peace, comfort and breathing space amidst these challenging times for FREE now click on this link:

Contact: Anna Flanagan or 07972 642 678

Yoga with Robyn

There are free places in these classes for NHS/ Health Care workers.
Please contact Robyn for the on-line password.

Tuesday Beginners Yoga 7.15pm


This beginners yoga class more than anything else is a space for you to start gaining more body awareness and a deeper understanding of how you move and BREATHE. Paying attention to yourself and where it is that you store your pain and tension. This class is full of strengthening and mindfull mobility as well as yogasana and pranayama (breath work). EveryBODY is very welcome.


Thursday Stretch & Relax 7.30pm


This is a 20/30 minute class to prepare both the body & the mind for a restful and restorative night's sleep.

We will move through simple sequences with different breathing techniques to help ease the body of tension. Continuously being in the heightened state of the sympathetic nervous system can create anxiety, excess adrenaline and cortisol which can lead to problems with sleeping. So the aim of this class is to teach the body how to release and transition into the parasympathetic nervous system (calm state) for the most benefits of a full night's sleep.


Friday Restorative Yoga 7.30 pm (bi-weekly)


Restorative yoga is a class of 75 minutes to find total release. Dim your lights, light a candle or use some fairy lights, gather your cushions & blankets and get comfortable. I will be using sound, breath work and guided meditations to ease you through about 5 different postures. All of this is to encourage deep release of mental and body tension, easing you into a place to restore any depletion. A place to really look after and nourish yourself so you are more able and willing to give the best version of you to the world. The best part about this is that you will be in the comfort of your own home so you are able to stay in this state ready for a good nights sleep. All welcome.


Saturday Rise & Shine Power Vinyasa 10am


Switch off your overthinking mind for an hour in this power vinyasa class. A true moving meditation.
The aim of it is to challenge you to move & BREATHE in a different way. Encouraging the body and mind to shift tension by powering through different postures. You can expect both strengthening and active stretching drills in this class. Move at your own pace and work as hard as you would like to. This is open to All levels.

Contact: Robyn

Accessible / Chair Yoga with Lucy

There are free places in these classes for NHS/ Health Care workers.
Please contact Lucy for the on-line password.

Wednesday 2.30pm

This free class of joyful flowing moving meditation is accessible to all, including anyone with chronic conditions. The session begins seated in a chair, with some additional strengthening standing work and the option to sit in a chair or lie down for a relaxing guided meditation. Creating space, grace and ease in a profound and gentle way! Lucy’s intention is that you complete the session feeling physically freer and connected to your truest self.

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Meeting ID: 686 205 3406 ​


Contact Lucy on 07833232272 via text or phone to receive the password for this meeting.

Women's Circle - Empowerment in Epidemic

There are free places in these classes for NHS/ Health Care workers.
Please contact Lucy for the on-line password.

Wednesday 8.30pm

Women's Circle - Empowerment in Epidemic - A Safe Space for you to be heard: meditation, reflections and ritual. Compassion, connection and a space to be heard. A warm welcome awaits you.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 686 205 3406 ​


Contact Lucy on 07833232272 via text or phone to receive the password for this meeting.

Viparita Karani

Sama Fabian

Sama is a widely respected Yoga Elder and is offering a pre-recorded video, and on-line zoom classes.

Viparita Karani a simple posture to support immunity and relieve physical, emotional and mental exhaustion. To be practiced daily, ideally before the evening meal or at least 2 hours after a meal. Not to be practiced if you have high blood pressure, are in the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy or if you have a period. This video shows 3 different alternatives of the pose. Please feel free to view for free. Follow the link and write viparita to view

I am offering three online classes:
Tuesdays 7-8pm Unwinding the nervous system slow and focused body and breath work, spinal integration, long timing practices and relaxation.
Wednesday's 9-10am Chest openers, hip joint unwinding, kriyas and pranayama sequences.
Thursdays 6-7pm Dynamic standing forms supported or free standing inversions and relaxation.

All £7 (more if you can afford it, less if not! Or free if in need)
Email Sama at to get the link/s.

Breath of Life Yoga

Rose Fisher

Rose from Breath of Life Yoga is offering free video/phone counselling and free access to all of her virtual yoga classes to NHS staff. Get in touch with her for details & booking:

Live classes via Zoom (Zoom ID: 565 752 3570):
Monday 6-7pm - Hatha
Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm - Vinyasa
Friday 10-11am - Gentle Yoga for All

3 pre-recorded sessions per week available also.

Joanna Williams

Counsellor / Psychotherapist

For NHS and Frontline Staff Coping in Challenging times 1:1 therapy sessions (via FaceTime / telephone or zoom) 
Pay what you can/ by donation. Spaces will be on a first come first serve basis as spaces are limited.

NHS staff - Coping in Challenging Times - Open Space (via zoom) 

Wednesday evening 7:30 to 8:30pm
An open group space for NHS staff to access and receive support, with a focus on developing positive ways to cope with the new pressures and stresses they face. 
Lead by Joanna Williams (qualified psychotherapist and Occupational Therapist) Experienced Mental Health Practitioner. (free of charge)

Please contact to book one to one sessions or to register for an open space session via phone or FB
Tel: 07539938160

Listening ear...

Listening ear and compassionate heart to people who are working for the NHS at this time

Angela Morris

I'm Angela I would like to offer a listening ear and compassionate heart to people who are working for the NHS at this time. I have 30 years experience in the world of health and wellbeing.

I will be available for telephone calls on Thursday morning's between 7 - 9am on 07954 181222. I look forward to listening to as you finish a night shift, or are preparing for your day ahead. With heartfelt wishes.

Jennifer Harry

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am a qualified Counsellor and registered member of the BACP, with a diploma in CBT. 
I have many years experience in counselling members of the ambulance service and NHS direct staff.

I will be available on Saturday afternoon between 2 - 3pm.

My contact number is:
07792 914578. Please text or call me to arrange your time to talk.

Nicole Stroh

Health 360

Nicole Stroh, a final year Masters of Osteopathy students, advanced Soft-tissue therapist and Owner of Health 360 offering the following free of charge:

Monday 10-12am and Wednesday 8-10pm 
Safe, empathetic and confidential space to off-load emotions to a listening ear. These will be 1:1 sessions over the phone or via Zoom, please send me a text beforehand to book a free slot. N.B I am not a mental health professional, this is strictly a space for a supportive chat. Should you need professional support I can direct you to my qualified colleagues.

9am-10pm Monday-Saturday 
Resources for musculoskeletal aches and pains. I have prepared information and exercises resource packs ready for you for common complaints to help you manage/rehab yourself as best as possible at this time. Call or text me at any time for this service.

MSK system MOT!
Join me for a 30 minute gentle movement class, bringing focus to areas of common complaints with exercises and stretches, finishing with a stress-relieving breathing & mindfulness technique. Whether you’re seated on a mat at home or a chair on-shift, this class is suitable for anyone!
Every week on Tuesday and Friday 8pm. Bring your aches and pains to this on-line zoom meeting.
Meeting ID: 363 247 554
Password: 850892

Contact: Nicole 07747600328

Ben Bacon

Back Specialist

We are here for you. Online, Zoom for one to one to help you manage pain until this COVID 19 is all over. We are prepared with a multi bench open room practice waiting for you at Swansea Wellbeing Centre to give you the best possible care the moment we are allowed to bring clients back into the centre. We are already interviewing Doctors of Chiropractic to join Ben Bacon, with 25 years experience and having run Wales' largest Chiropractic Rehabilitation clinic.  

If you suffer from and want relief from intractable back pain, sciatica, leg pain or severe injuries like poorly healing achilles tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, then we will help you. I am Ben Bacon, available in Swansea now.                                  

For the foreseeable future Ben is available to provide back care classes and advice online. Call and book on 07815 508 729

Alex Waters

3 Principles Wales

Alex Waters is a certified 3 Principles Practitioner and Wellbeing Coach - sharing this understanding with individuals, groups and organisations from every sector. 

The 3 Principles understanding has a simple and profound impact on how we create our experience moment-by-moment. A perfect solution for moving beyond the anxiety and stress many may be feeling right now. 

These online sessions will point you back to the innate mental health, resilience and wisdom that are ever-present within. I am offering free sessions for key health care workers. Please contact me for more info on 
Skype/Zoom/Other calls can be booked by email or by phone 07972 246204. 

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