Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy with Jacquelyn Haley Hyp.Dip

Hypnotherapy has been widely used as a method to ease, sooth and eradicate the symptoms and cause of Anxiety & Trauma for 100’s of years.

It’s tradition was lost in the early 19’00’s when Psychologist and Analyst stated it was not an effective form of therapy! How wrong could he be!

Fast forward to the present day, Hypnotherapy is now a much sought after therapy mainly for achieving excellent and lasting results in combatting life’s stressors.

Jacquelyn Haley has been a practising Hypnotherapist for over a decade. She has treated 100’s of clients over the years for Anxiety, Trauma, Stress, Depression as well as Phobias, Fears, Weight Loss, Pain and Unexplained Fertility. She also runs The UK Women in Hypnosis & NLP forum and in 2021 was in the top 8 Women in Hypnosis Leaders’s regonised World Wide.

Combining this wonderful healing therapy with Psycho Sensory Practice, Inner Child Healing and Regression Hypnosis (Age related and Past Life) Jacquelyn’s approach is completely client centred and solution focussed.

Her clinic day’s are Tuesday & Friday 1am until 9pm

Tel 07368 919833

Jacquelyn Haley

Jacquelyn obtained her Level 4 Counseling Diploma in 1996. She soon realised her passion was supporting people through their anxieties and trauma's in life.

After many years of working in the helping industry, her sister was diagnosed with Cancer in 2007. Jacquelyn decided to research further into Complementary Therapies and discovered the dynamic and profound healing via Hypnotherapy, Reflexology and Nutrition.

She Graduated from University of Glamorgan in Complementary Health & Hypnotherapy and has been working full time in the field of Wellbeing for several years.

Her sessions are typically 1:1 but she also hosts monthly workshops for:

Quit Smoking

Weight Management

Anxiety & Stress

She is qualified in many areas such as Emotional Freedom Therapy, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Transformational Coaching & Nureo Linguistic Programming, Brain Working Recursive Therapy, Regression Hypnotherapy (Inner Child Healing) both Age & Past Life.

Jacquelyn runs the UK Women in Hypnotherapy & NLP and in 2021 was voted as one of the Women Leaders In Women's Hypnotherapy Internationally.

She is also awarded recognition as the Top Best 3 Hypnotherapist's in Wales.

She is very passionate about her client's healing and recovery. She also has a portfolio of continued professional development certifications.

Jacquelyn works in 12 Key areas which you can find on her website.

Please visit her testimonial section to hear what past clients have to say.

07368 919833

Clinical Hypnotherapist - Stress Management Instructor

Clinical Reflexologist

Reiki Master Teacher