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Crystal Therapy Workshop

4-6pm Sunday 21st July 2024


You are warmly invited to join Susannah Hollett, crystal therapist, for a demonstration of how we can all be in the driving seat of our health and well-being.  Dowsing is a simple bio-feedback tool that enables us to tune into and access our body’s innate wisdom and answers for healing, health and well-being.  An empowering, informative and session leaving you with a lifelong skill.

*Guided visualisation to activate your intuition

*Learn a simple dowsing technique with a pendulum

*Use your dowsing skills to choose from a selection of crystals essential oils, food supplements to find what you need most to support you at this moment in time

*Test a selection of foods to see which ones support and which ones undermine your unique energy system


To book please contact:

Susannah Hollett 07528 214576


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