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Crystals For Self- Love And Harmonious Relationships

Sunday 11th February 2024 5pm -7pm

You are warmly invited to join Crystal Therapists Lisa and Susannah as we explore how our crystal allies can help us to open our hearts to authentic love.

With February being the month of love, we are moved to remind you that your primary loving relationship should be with yourself. All harmonious relationships are successfully achieved if we invest deeply in self- love.

Our crystal allies are a wonderful tool for opening the heart, balancing heart energy, healing grief, emotional healing, and heart protection.  Using crystals, acupuncture points and Law of attraction we can move blocks to self-love and create balanced and fulfilling relationships, starting with ourselves.

Join Susannah Hollett and Lisa Jones who will help you select your own unique crystals for self-love and work with them to manifest the relationships your hearts truly desire. £25

To book your place please contact Susannah Hollett Mobile (07528) 214576 

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