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Feldenkrais 'Awareness Through Movement' classes

Somatic movement classes for reducing pain, alleviating stress, enhancing performance,  improving posture and developing your potential.

What is the Feldenkrais Method?

It was developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), and is designed to help you improve how you move. It helps you gain greater awareness of the interconnection between movement/posture, emotion and thought.

There are two aspects to the Method: Functional Integration (individual hands-on work) and Awareness Through Movement (Group classes).

In Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes, you are verbally guided through carefully-designed sequences of movements and explorations designed to increase awareness of your habitual movement patterns and to help you discover new options.

These movements are often done lying down, with some lessons in sitting or standing. They're designed to be gentle and exploratory.

Regular practice leads to improved coordination, flexibility, breathing, mental calm and overall function.

Who is it for?

People from all ages, various backgrounds and with different goals can benefit from A.T.M. classes. Whether someone is recovering from an injury, looking to reduce back pain, ease anxiety, enhance performance in a particular activity, or simply wanting to improve their overall movement quality and comfort, A.T.M. offers a framework for exploration and self-discovery.

What to expect

You explore small, gentle movements in a relaxed way which facilitates communication between your brain and body. The lessons are most effective when you go slowly, do less, avoid discomfort, and listen to your body.

The teacher doesn't demonstrate the sequences of movement but instead uses precise verbal guidance and suggestions. This leaves you free to focus on your own sensations and discover your own comfort, rather than trying to imitate the way another person moves.

Rather than prescribing a specific "correct" way to move, the Feldenkrais approach encourages exploration. Through variations in movement and attentional focus, you can discover new possibilities for movement and functionality.

One of the underlying principles of the Feldenkrais Method is the concept of neuroplasticity—the brain's ability to reorganize and form new neural connections throughout life. By introducing novel movements and patterns through A.T.M. lessons, you can make changes in the brain and nervous system, leading to improved functioning.

The lessons generally have a very calming effect. Some improvements will be immediate while others take place more gradually over time, as you continue to integrate the practice into your life. The approach is about changing habits, and learning to improve how you move, feel and think throughout all your different life activities.

The Teacher

Philippa Castell has well over 30 years experience as a practitioner in the field of somatic education, helping people of all ages and abilities learn how to move through life with less pain and more ease and awareness.

She is one of only a small number of practitioners worldwide who are qualified in both the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method®. Being trained in these two approaches gives her a broad and deep expertise and understanding in the field of movement and the mind/body connection.

Awareness through Movement Classes at the Wellbeing Centre

Tuesdays 10.45-11.45 

Cost £9 per class or £45 for a block booking of 6 consecutive classes

This is a drop-in class, no experience needed, no need to book in advance

Tuesdays 7.00-8.15pm

Starting Jan 9th  5 week course "Liberate your Spine"

Cost £50 - booking in advance essential (limited to 8 participants)

Sundays Monthly 10.30-12.00 

Dates 2024 ; Jan 21st, Feb 18th, Mar 17th, April 21st, May 12th, June 23rd

A monthly themed longer class, please book in advance

Cost £12

For bookings and enquiries you can contact Philippa on 07938 929544

"Philippa creates a wonderful atmosphere in her classes - fun, yet also very calm and precise, always encouraging us to explore, be more present and move more efficiently, while staying within our own comfort zone.”

"I have experienced so much pain and anguish in recent years, and had tried everything and had started to associate all movement with pain in the body – but there are points in the classes where I find a particular movement is actually pleasurable. It’s liberating! I’m extremely grateful for this class and look forward to it every week"

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