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Good Vibrations

Sunday 3rd March 2-4pm

Are you suffering from changing hormones….. emotions swinging in all directions feeling like you are going crazy?

Join us on Sunday 3rd March, 2-4pm for a transformative journey as we explore the connection between our emotions and the energy we hold in our bodies. Good vibrations is a workshop designed to balance the connection between our emotions, energy and vibrations.

The workshop will take you through some techniques to create awareness of your inner emotions including journalling and meditation. There will be a session of Qi gong which guides you to harness and grow your inner energy and then we will look at how your emotions are directly linked to your vibration and how we can raise this to live a brighter lighter life.

Qi gong is a sequence of flowing movements which coordinate the body,mind and breath. Experience the deeply calming and nourishing effects of this practice and learn how de-stressing the body and mind is so vital to women's health during all phases of our lives.

The workshop would be suitable to anyone who is completely new to meditation and Qi Gong, also someone who has some practice but needs a little help to focus to bring more stability and peace into their lives.

Mats, blankets, bolsters and cushions will be available at the Wellbeing centre and we advise you wear comfy clothing. Feel free to bring along a water bottle and a journal too.

Exchange for this workshop is £20.00.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you, feel free to reach out with any questions and please message us to book. 


Love and light✨

Yvette and Ange 💜


Yvette 07956251223

Ange 07722913910

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