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Gower Constellations

Saturday 20th April 2024, 9.30 – 4.30



As human beings we operate well when we are balanced within the systems we are part of. Sometimes our life flow can be interrupted by unhealthy entanglements and invisible bonds within a family or systemic situation, such as a work place or community.


Family and systemic constellations create a safe and confidential space where personal issues can be explored. Participants from the group are chosen as representatives to set up and Polly will facilitate the process. This can help ease and clear the entanglements, aiming to restore balance and wellbeing within the system, bringing it into a better state of natural order.


The day will be led by Polly* an experienced constellations facilitator, supported by Jeni*. There will be an opportunity to bring a piece of work as an issue holder, be a representative or be part of the witnessing field. Both bringing an issue and participating as a representative in other constellations offers insight and healing for all in the group. There is usually time for 3 or 4 constellations during the day.


Light refreshments along with bread and soup for lunch­ will be provided and

please bring gluten free salads and snacks to share


Advance booking essential:

£75 per person

2 -3 concessionary places and a pay it forward* free place please apply


*Pay it forward - if you can pay a slightly higher amount it will allow Gower Constellations to provide bursaries to those who would benefit from this workshop but could not otherwise afford it.


Come with all your curiosity and join us with an open heart!


To book or for more information please contact Polly directly by email. Advance booking essential


*Polly has been working within the systemic field since her original training in 2005. Since this time she has gathered knowledge, skills and experience and has been running her own workshops in Somerset since 2018. She also works as a facilitator for CoWo (Constellation Workshops), a London based organisation.

*Jeni has been working as a cranial osteopath in Bristol since 1994. She has been involved with family and systemic constellations since 2011 and completed the Foundation Training in Family Constellations with the Centre for Systemic Constellations in 2019. Jeni moved to Gower in 2019 and is excited to bring the experience of family and systemic constellations work to Swansea and Gower. She will be providing background support for Polly during the workshop.

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