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Hypnosis for IBS


Sep 28th, Oct 26th, Nov 30th, Dec 21st


Your Life from IBS - Book Your Spot in Our Hypnosis Workshop Today! Don't let IBS control your life. Discover the incredible power of hypnotherapy to manage your symptoms, reduce stress, and regain your confidence. Book now to start your journey towards lasting relief and a happier, healthier you! The Power of Hypnosis for IBS: Hypnosis addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of IBS, offering a comprehensive approach to managing the disorder. Scientific studies have shown that hypnosis can reduce pain, anxiety, and psychological distress, providing long-lasting symptom relief. Hypnosis works by altering the brain's perception of gut sensations, reducing visceral hypersensitivity, and promoting a more relaxed state, which can improve digestive function.

Cost: £12 each session 07889218942


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