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Monthly Crystal Healing Workshops

Susannah Hollett: Crystal Therapist; Combining Crystal Acupuncture, Energy Medicine, Health shop trained to offer Nutrition and lifestyle advice and Facilitator of Welcome to Menopause.

Lisa Jones: Reiki Master Teacher

Combining Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Self Love and Law of Attraction.

Combining the expertise, skills and wisdom of Holistic practitioners Susannah Hollett and Lisa Jones, we are delighted to introduce our new programme for 2024 on Sunday evenings.

Sunday 21st January - Cacao, Crystals and New Year Manifestations

February 11th 2024 - Crystals for opening the Heart and Self-Love

March 2024 - Grounding, Centring and Protecting

April 2024 - Energy Testing to make Health Choices

May 2024 - Crystals for the Chakras

Together Lisa and Susannah create a nurturing and safe space for you to learn about and explore crystals as incredible tools for facilitating self-healing. The focus is empowerment using a holistic approach.

Cacao, Crystals and New Year Manifestations

Sunday 21st January 5.30-7.30pm

The second in our series of Crystal Healing workshops.

Sky rocket the manifestation of your New Year goals by drawing upon the incredible power of our CRYSTAL ALLIES. Crystal Therapist; Susannah Hollett will help you to select your perfect crystal from a large selection and show you how to create a crystal healing grid. You will also be shown how to clear any energy blockages, to light up your pathway to success. Reiki Master and Law of attraction teacher; Lisa Jones will help you to understand how our thoughts and experiences can sabotage our goals and how we can programme our energy to be aligned with our goals.


QUE SERA – Health and wellbeing


MALACHITE – Stepping onto your power

CITRINE – Abundance

CARNELIAN - Creativity

AND many, many more!!!

A beautiful evening of self-empowerment, goal setting and crystals will include:

*Delicious Cacao ceremony to open our hearts to receiving our manifest goals

*A personally crafted and unique crystal grid to attract our goals

*Using tapping and crystal acupuncture to programme our bodies to align with our goals


Limited spaces available, to book onto the workshop please contact

Susannah Hollett: 07528 214576 or Lisa Jones 07412 044929

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