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Pioneer Specialist Employment Support

Need help finding work? Pioneer* provides specialist employment support for people in Wales who are not in work. Our support can help you to: Create a CV, Be more confident, Learn new skills, Find a new job or self-employment.


Pioneer is a self-referral service for people that have health conditions or certain barriers making it harder for them to find sustainable employment.


it’s a programme that is up to 18 months depending on support needs, it supports people looking for work through tailored support based on their barriers that are making it harder to get into work. We take customers on a journey and support them to develop themselves and their employability, we work with a wide range of organisations to support candidates with mental health, housing, training and seeking employment.

We do this by looking at CV interview skills etc, we do a careers appointment also to find things that would have maybe been overlooked otherwise in terms of work that is suitable for the clients needs.

We also offer in work support for when people do find work, we can help with things such as interview clothing, bus fayre and childcare costs up until they receive the first pay.

People have to be not in work or education and have a health condition that they have lived with for over twelve months, this doesn’t have to be diagnosed just something the candidate sees as a barrier to work such as anxiety back pain etc.


We have a wellbeing team, a team that source open vacancies and get extra support for candidates, and a community partnership network where we can signpost people to other services, we also provide training in branch and through third parties, and fund it such as CSCS, SIA, childcare etc.

Our Pioneer program is here to support people back into work, by developing their skills, and supporting the candidate to overcome any barriers they may be living with.

If you need any more information give me a call or email.


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