Reawakening through Dance!

A women’s group. Exploring, experiencing, expressing ourselves, with each other through movement, music and rhythm. Connecting with joy, energy, wellbeing, tenderness, awareness, sensuality, sacredness through our movement, our dances.

We will become one with the Earth, Air, Fire, Water and experiencing the absolutely ecstasy of being present in the moment with our movement. Experiencing the Bliss of Life!

Imagine dancing your Fire energy, or becoming at one with Air energy!

There are no steps to learn but the exercises are guided to help you reach your potential!

For those interested in self development, in community and finding support with like minded souls!

Dates for Reawakening through Dance at the Swansea Wellbeing Centre: Sept 25 at 2pm, Oct 23, Nov 13, Dec 4 at 4pm

Cost £8

Contact: Gail Stewart 07726369584/