Releasing the body pattern of anxiety

Sunday May 16th 10.30-11.45am

Stress and anxiety are not all in your head; these so-called mental or emotional states are interconnected with patterns of muscular holding. These patterns are habitual and unconscious, and deeply wired-in to the nervous system. They are sustained, embodied and embedded throughout most of our daily live activities, in our habitual ways of reacting, our breathing, our perceptions and in the ways in which we sense ourselves.

The defensive patterns and adaptations we’ve created throughout our personal history all have a purpose - to help us to feel safe, and to cope in challenging circumstances. Yet these defenses also keep us from feeling truly supported, prevent the development of an inner sense of security and can make it difficult to experience pleasure in our lives.

In this class you'll be introduced to some innovative ways of gently interrupting the cycle of rumination and stressful emotional states, using techniques and practices from the Feldenkrais Method. Through specifically directed attention and small, easy, enjoyable movements you can discover muscular, movement and breathing patterns which support feelings of calm and safety, and improve your ability to self-regulate and re-set your nervous system.

Cost £10

Numbers are limited so it’s essential to book your place in advance. Please contact 07938 929544