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Sensory Wellbeing - 6 week course

MONDAY 1-2.30pm, beginning 18th March - INTRO

continuing 15th April 2024 - 6 WEEK COURSE


THURSDAY 7-8.30pm, beginning 2nd May

Sensory strategies to manage stressSensory strategies to manage stress.

Based on the principles of sensory integration therapy the course will support when struggling with depression, anxiety and overwhelm to help calm and regulate the nervous system, using different sensory strategies.

Acknowledging that we all think and learn in different ways. Recognising the wide spectrum of neurodivergence (which includes Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Tourettes) we explore the neuroscience of the different sensory systems and look at how our individual sensory processing and responses, affect our ability to cope in different environments and with different sensory stimuli.

The course is full of simple sensory strategies to help calm our nervous systems to support us to cope with the demands we face, and to enable us to rest, restore and relax. 

This free 6 week course is facilitated by Hannah Childs (Sensory Wellbeing OT) a registered sensory integration practitioner and occupational therapist.

Hannah 07482 134364

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