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Sound Journey (soundbath)

Saturday (monthly event)

Gail Stewart from Cardiff invites and welcomes you to join the Sound Journey she will be facilitating at the much-loved Swansea Wellbeing Centre!

Gail is a highly experienced, and popular Sound Journey presenter who is well known at the Centre for her high quality events. A Sound Journey offers a healing process that can quiet your mind whilst, at the same time, relaxing your body! To just lie back and be healed by the magical dance of the interwoven sound vibrations is a most wonderful, joyful and uplifting experience!

A Sound Journey is essentially a healing musical performance played out through Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, and a variety of other often unusual sound-producing instruments complemented by the human voice. Participants lie on the floor and simply allow the waves of sound to flow over, embrace and permeate them.

When you come along, ensure that you make yourself comfortable! Ideally, please bring something soft and snug to lie on including a head support and something warm to cover you.

The cost is £10 and advance booking is essential. To book, or if you have any queries, please ring or text Gail Stewart on 07726 360584 or email her at

Please remember to let your friends know and bring them along. Don’t celebrate alone when you can celebrate and share the magic with people you like!


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