Supple spine, easy neck: gentle movement for a healthy spine

Sunday December 19th 10.30 -11.45

This Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement lesson will help you to unravel patterns of strain and tension in your neck, shoulders and back. Through carefully designed, slow gentle guided movement sequences you can learn to release chronically tightened muscles, and re-pattern your movements. The result will be a softer neck, less tension through your chest and back, and an easing out through the whole spine.

The lesson also provides an opportunity to learn generalised skills and understanding of movement which can be applied in all your daily life activities, to enhance your abilities in practices such as yoga, dance, sports or performance.

"I love the gentleness of the Feldenkrais Method and how it often takes me into a meditative state, wide awake and paying attention to what is going on in me right now. Philippa creates a wonderful atmosphere in her classes - fun, yet also very calm and precise, always encouraging us to explore, be more present and move more efficiently, while staying within our own comfort zone.”

Cost £10 Please contact Philippa to book your place 07938 929544