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Taijiwuxigong for health

Tuesday 2-3.30, from January 16th

Voted the best Qi Gong system in China taught by Poh-Eng San, with over 23 years of teaching. Founder, the late Dr. Shen Hongxun with whom she studied with for over 15 years.

COST: 10 week term £130, drop in is £15, £13 conc. a class.

The qi gong classes will include simple standing, sitting or lying down exercises, meditation & chanting for calming the mind. You will learn to clear stuck chi, leaving your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual body freer, lighter, grounded & more present. Deepen your curiosity of chi vibration & how it moves through your energy channels. This develops confidence and trust in your body wisdom. Activation of the dan tien, accompanied by spontaneous movement is the body’s natural way of healing and expelling sick chi.

Contact details:

For enquiries and bookings please call Poh-Eng on 07951322632 Or email


This will include wuxi dance for the last hour with a drum for a deeper immersion. Cost is gift economy ( guide line £25-£45) booking essential.

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