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Transforming Health With Crystal Therapy

Saturday March 2nd 10.30-12.30pm

An Introductory talk, Demonstrations and Guided Visualisation with Crystals


Discover how the mineral kingdom can be our greatest ally in balancing our energy system, bringing the physical body back to good health, addressing any symptom or life event.

Find out how an energy profile test can find out where symptoms are coming from and inform a bespoke treatment plan.  This will provide you with lots of information about yourself.

A therapy like no other which uses crystals as the main healing medium but also combines acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Energy Medicine, Colour and Sound therapy, Kinesiology, Nutritional and lifestyle advice, providing a truly holistic practice.


When our energy is balanced our whole life becomes simpler, we can operate on a full battery, experiencing better immunity, better health, and we are better aligned with money, wealth, opportunities and harmonious relationships

Experience what it feels like to truly come back to yourself!

Cost £7

Booking essential for the talk and taster sessions please contact:

Susannah Hollett Mobile (07528) 214576


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