Welcome to Menopause

FRIDAYS 11-12.15pm in person at the Swansea Well-being Centre.

FRIDAYS 7-8.15pm Live on zoom, (with a Saturday in person 3 hr workshop)

8-week course £65

Susannah Hollett – Mobile (07528) 214576

We are excited to launch our Welcome to menopause programme at the centre next Friday 12th November. We have already hosted 2 free introductory talks and begun to build up the group. Women can join at any time because the 8 sessions are not sequential.

Menopause is definitely on the agenda at the moment! Davina Mc Coll released her film recently ‘Sex, Myths and the Menopause’ and Hello magazine did a huge feature on it last week headed by lots of celebrities. We are delighted that our two local MPs Tonia Antoniazzi (Gower) and Carolyn Harris (Swansea East) have supported the programme and put it on their social medias. Carolyn has just had a major victory in parliament this week with her Menopause Revolution campaign. Susannah is meeting with Carolyn tomorrow to find out how we can not only advertise that there is provision for menopause support in the Swansea area, right now, right here, at the centre, but also that we can also offer a natural and holistic health approach, demonstrating to women that they have the power themselves, within their own bodies to make a smooth transition through menopause, through nutrition, lifestyle review, acupuncture points, energy exercises, breathwork etc.

Many of the women that have expressed an interest or joined the course weren’t keen to take HRT as they felt that they would like to learn the natural and empowering techniques taught in the course. Other women have come forward who are already on HRT and were happy to continue taking it but wanted to learn more about menopause and some wanted to see if they could reduce or come off their medication, so it is inclusive or every women’s individual choice for how she wishes to balance her hormones. The aim is that we provide a nourishing and nurturing supportive programme for the women that attend, and help them to become empowered and feel supported.

Please call Susannah to book your space.