Fridays 11-12.15pm (in person at the centre) and Fridays 7-8.15pm (live on zoom)

8 week course £65

With Susannah Hollett - Mobile (07528) 214576 email:

A fresh take on how we perceive menopause and address any arising symptoms. Far from it being a taboo subject, a dreaded decline into ageing and ill-health, Susannah challenges this concept and really puts menopause on the agenda. Donna Eden hails menopause as ‘The gateway to our second biological prime’. It heralds the emergence of a woman moving from alpha adult to true adult and it can be a time of enormous transformation, liberation, independence, assertiveness and wisdom. It presents an opportunity like no other for a woman to retreat and re-emerge a happier and healthier version of herself, with a new role and identity. Come and find out how in our 8-week course where Susannah will be teaching energy balancing exercises, acupuncture points, grounding exercises, visualisations and breath work to help you make a smooth and easier transition. There will also be plenty of information on diet and lifestyle overhaul.

Susannah teaches energy testing techniques which enable the treatment of menopause to be bespoke and befitting of your own individual and unique energy system. In the techniques taught you will be able to choose the most appropriate foods, food supplements, herbs, energy exercises and acupuncture points that are of the most relevance to your own constitution. With 20 years’ experience of supporting women, Susannah has a large toolbox of techniques to share in this celebration of mid-life.

During an 8-week course we will explore the following:

1. Goal setting- Defining and planning what we want to manifest for ourselves in mid-life. Re-defining your role and identity. What is blocking this? Making mid-life magical!

2. A 5-minute daily energy routine to balance hormones and promote optimum energy.

3. Kidney in decline – How to nourish and support the kidney energy.

4. Gut health and liver health – All about nutrition for menopause – How to select foods, food supplements and herbs to address symptoms.

5. Balancing the Vagus nerve, interrupting the stress response and settling the nervous system.

6. Tools for dealing with menopause symptoms: insomnia, exhaustion, weight gain, thyroid issues, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression and so much more.

7. Energy testing to empower you to make your own health choices and address your own symptoms.

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