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In-Work Support Service

The In-Work Support Service (IWSS) provides free support and psychological or physical therapies to help employed and self-employed people improve their wellbeing and reduce sickness absence from work.

Support is quick, free and fully confidential. People do not need to be currently absent from work to qualify for support.

Who’s eligible?

Employees and self-employed

What areas do we cover?

RCS deliver the service in North Wales, West Wales (Carmarthen, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire) and South West Wales (Swansea Bay and Neath Port Talbot).

What therapies does the IWSS offer?

Psychological and physical therapies are offered for those with mild-to-moderate mental health or physical issues. A list of therapies available are listed below:

Psychological Therapies

· Counselling


· Mindfulness


· Solution Focused Therapy

· Assimilative Integrated Therapy

· Trauma Informed Therapy

· Psychodynamic /Psychotherapy

· Grief Counselling

· Clinical Psychology

· Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapies

· Physiotherapy

· Acupuncture

· Osteopathy

· Sports Therapy

· Electrotherapy

· Massage Therapy

· Manual Therapy

· Chiropractic

How to access the service?

People can refer themselves to the service by calling 01745 336442, emailing or by submitting e-referral form

Referrals can also be done by GP or employer on their behalf.


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