Finding Your Innate Resilience

Thursdays, 7.30pm-9pm, starting 12th May to 23rd June

(no session in half-term)

This course will offer you a safe, welcoming and nourishing space to settle down enough to see how resilient you truly are – even though your current experience may be one of being anxious, overwhelmed, depressed or living in a constant state of overthinking everything.

We will be exploring a simple and profound understanding of how our mental health really ‘works’, and how it is possible to feel better, and lighter about life, right here, right now! Your resilience is actually built-in but it can get covered over by the thoughts and feelings that we all take too seriously. Attending the whole course will bring you the most benefit as this is a precious step-by-step process, a journey…all you need to do is show up.

This journey brings us ‘home’ to our innate resilience - and uncovers the joy, creativity, peace, trust and wisdom that have been within us all along.

You can self refer, or be referred by your GP/ mental health team, or Swansea Wellbeing Centre practitioner.

There is no fee for this course but donations to the Centre, on completion of the course, are really appreciated to keep the mental health project flourishing for our community.

Places are limited, so please contact Alex Waters at or 07972 246204 to book your place.

Alex is a certified and registered (3 PGC) 3 Principles Practitioner